Power of Attorney


A general “power of attorney (POA)” is a legal document designed to give another individual the authority to act on your behalf. A POA can be general or specific and can serve many purposes including, but not limited to, business, financial, and medical decisions.  The authority of a POA will end if you become incapacitated. 


However, a “durable power of attorney” is a legal document  that will remain in effect throughout incapacitation. This will provide you the security and comfort knowing that your affairs will be handled accordingly by a person you trust should you become incapacitated.


A “springing power of attorney” allows you to create a legal document that only becomes effective at a specified future date or upon the occurrence of a specified event. 

It is imperative that you understand your personal objectives and choose an individual you feel is trustworthy and capable of carrying out those objectives. 


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